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with Mistress Anna

Photograph of Mistress Anna

Welcome to The Rose Centre

The Rose Centre is a kink-centric facility offering a total health experience where body, mind and spirit are nurtured in an accepting atmosphere supportive of the needs of the kink community. It offers Workshops, Personal & Group Fitness Training, Nutrition & Food Counselling, and Body Waxing. Soon to be available are Chiropractic & Life Coaching services.

The Rose Centre is the vision of Sydney Sex Educator - Mistress Anna, a Sydney based Dominatrix. Mistress Anna brings to this centre a decade of professional experience in the area of alternative sexuality and the Adult Industry. She is a qualified Personal Trainer as well as being a Beauty Therapist.

Mistress Anna has always believed that a holistic approach to life enables us to lead balanced and fruitful lives. As a result her Boot Camp Mistress session's have become popular within the BDSM community as a kink friendly way to improve fitness. With 15 years experience of Fitness, Body Maintenance & Waxing sessions she can ensure that new found fitness and self esteem is achieved and maintained. The Rose Centre also offers Yoga classes and 'in house' Health and Nutrition support through the catering company 'Love Food'.

Mistress Anna has wide experience of presenting workshop's for the kink community. Her engagement's include, Uber, Sydney Xplore Festival, Sydney Leather Pride and in Hong Kong at The Hong Kong Kink Convention.

Mistress Anna facilitates workshops tailored to your particular needs. Among these is the popular Fifty Shades of Fantasy. These workshops are designed to help you share with your partner and enter, with safety, the world you would like to experience together. Mistress Anna says: "I am committed to providing practical hands on and written education and information in an environment that facilitates the opportunity to learn, explore, engage and enjoy without judgement all that the BDSM culture has to offer".

All activities will adhere to the code of Safe, Sane and Consensual. She can assure clients that personal boundaries will be respected and that the atmosphere of acceptance and discretion will provide that safe place which we all need on our journey.

Photography by Cat o Nine Tails & Hayden Anderson.

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